House Moving Checklist

Have a checklist ready for when you are moving home to help you so that you don’t miss anything-moving home can be a stressful time for everyone but we would like to help you make it a little easier and a happy safe efficient easy move.

  • Heavy items to be packed in smaller boxes.
  • Fill boxes, pack tightly.
  • Use bubble wrap for delicate and fragile items.
  • Mark boxes fragile.
  • Seal boxes with tape.
  • Mark each box with which room it is going in, i.e. kitchen, lounge, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, garden shed.
  • Ask about a dismantling and reassembling furniture service, as long as removal company know before the day it can be included in the overall move.
  • Ideally make sure all your boxes are packed before moving day and before the removal van turns up, makes it less stressful. Just keep the kettle, cups and tea separate!
  • Ideally anything that would be needed in an emergency, for example, medicines, keys, paperwork, even jewellery and personal items, keep separate and maybe have them in your vehicle.
  • Make sure you have checked out any parking restrictions at your new address, even the current one, you may need to contact your local council to arrange a parking permit, easier than a ticket or the removals men having to walk a distance from van to new home.
House Moving Checklist
House Moving Checklist

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